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Salvation Army Croydon Citadel, Croydon, London, CR0 1XY

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Telephone: 07496 605017


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COVID-19 UPDATE: Centre is open for contact sessions from 11th July 2020 (updated 13.8.20)

Accreditation Summary

Date: 29/03/2019


Croydon is a large town in South London just south of Charing Cross. Croydon is one of the largest commercial districts outside of Central London and boasts extensive shopping and night-time economy. Croydon is a cultural area with many theatres and is the setting of the Brit School which many famed British singers and actors attended such as Adele, Amy Winehouse Tom Holland.

Croydon’s population is estimated at around 174,000 people and is home to many beautiful buildings built in the 1800’s, including their Town Hall.

SFCCC has use of three rooms across two floors of the centre. The Centre does share its space with a nursery; however, the services will be run on separate days, therefore there should be no issues with accessibility with rooms and bathrooms.

The centre itself is within a Salvation Army Church, the building is large and modern. The centre is accessible to those with additional needs and benefits from sharing its contact room space with a nursery, allowing access to additional sensory activities and outside spaces.

SFCCC has use of two entrances to the centre if required and there are always Salvation Army staff on site, as well as centre staff.

The Centre is owned by the Salvation Army and as a result they fund and keep up to date fire alarm testing, extinguisher maintenance and PAT testing. All of which was observed to have taken place within the last 12 months.

The rooms available for contact were clear, bright and spacious with access to plenty of toys and activities for a range of children. All were observed to be in a good state of repair, culturally appropriate and clean. Toys not in use are stored in cupboards and appeared safe (not over filled or stacked too high). Seating and tables were clean and in a good state of repair. SFCCC also has use of an outdoor area. The area is walled as well as gated (with high push handles). The activities available in the outdoor area were clean and in good condition.

The centre has worked with NACCC to ensure that their policies and procedures are in line with the standards.

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