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Withington Methodist Church, 439 Wilmslow Road, Withington, Greater Manchester, M20 4AN

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Days & Times: Saturdays fortnightly 10am to 12pm

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No charge for service

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Accepts self referrals


To make a referral,

Telephone: 0161 445 0804


Notes from this centre

COVID UPDATE: The Centre is now open every fortnight and hopes to provide a weekly service ASAP (updated 8.3.22)

Accreditation Summary

Date: 13/06/2019


The Withington Contact Centre has been open since October 1992. It offers Supported contact a safe, neutral environment where children can meet their father or mother, a grandparent or other family members after a breakdown in the parental relationship. It takes place in a large room with toys and games so that children can enjoy playing with the parent and have some fun together. The room is in the Withington Methodist Church and has the support of volunteers who are there to help families to feel safe.

The contact centre is situated on Wilmslow Road which is a major road in to Manchester. It runs from Parrs Wood northwards to Rusholme. There it becomes Oxford Road and the name changes again to Oxford Street when it crosses the River Medlock and reaches the Manchester City Centre.

The location of Withington is excellent for commuters travelling into Manchester city centre and its close proximity to West Didsbury’s Burton Road, historically part of Withington itself, and Didsbury village.

Withington Contact Centre is situated on a main road with excellent public transport links and parking.

The contact room is large, bright and warm there is also a second and smaller contact room. The contact Coordinator is experienced and run the centre for almost 9 years. The volunteers are very welcoming and families well supported.

The Kitchen offer refreshments for the families attending contact. There is a limit of 19 children at any one time.

Only one entrance is used for contact but there is a back exit to the building. The centre offers staggered departure and arrival times which makes it easy to monitor families who cannot meet.

The contact centre is well furnished, and the contact room has a good variety of toys for all ages of children.

The assessor viewed the GDPR Certification. The organisation is aware of their responsibilities as regards the new data regulations

All the children at the centre appear to enjoy visiting and spending time with the parent they no longer live with.

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