The NACCC Trustees have decided that it is no longer appropriate or financially viable to continue using the Safe Referral System (SRS), established over ten years ago in response to the changes in legal aid. We will shortly be running bespoke courses, providing training resources and risk assessment support for the centres using the SRS to get them ready for taking on their own risk assessments.

We already provide training resources to members in developing skills in risk assessment and the members also have access to a full range of good practice tools. As mentioned above, our staff will continue to be available to offer support and advice and we are confident that together we can make a smooth transition that will be beneficial for families using services.

The Safe Referral System is therefore in the process of being decommissioned. We will not be accepting new referrals after Friday 23rd February 2024. If you do not live with your child, you will need to ensure that you and the other parent submits your applications by the 23rd February, otherwise you will have to contact your local centre direct. We will need both your applications submitting by 23rd February to process your referral.

Please do contact us if you have any queries.

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