Elizabeth Coe is well versed in engaging with the media to promote the work of child contact services. This month she found herself working with Journalists from the Magistrate Magazine. This is a key piece of literature for those working as or with Magistrates and therefore an essential place to share information about the work of child contact centres.

Magistrates up and down the country refer families to Child Contact Services in order to ensure that ‘Parenting Doesn’t End When Relationships Do’ and that children are able to maintain essential relationships, which can have a lifelong impact on their emotional wellbeing.

Every year a million children do not have the opportunity to enjoy contact with non-resident parents.

Fractured Families Study (2013)

In the article, she writes about how contact centres work with families to build trust and communication, which are essential for them to be able to meet their children’s needs long after professional services have ceased being involved. Elizabeth also shares information about the National Association of Child Contact Centres and its role in providing membership and overseeing the quality of these services.

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