Yes, supported and supervised contact centres accredited by NACCC will have a set of rules. The rules will be explained to you during the contact pre visit/agreement meeting and then you will be asked to agree to the rules of the centre and sign the pre-visit agreement to confirm that you understand and are agreeing to adhere to them. Failure to do so will lead to the service being withdrawn.

Sample rules for parents using a contact centre – it is worth noting that any rules at a centre you might attend might vary from this list.

The rules are likely to include the following but do check with your local centre to be shown a copy of their rules:

  1. Please do not bring any other person with you unless previously agreed at the information meeting.
  2. Any person displaying violence, bad language, intimidation or aggression inside or directly outside of the contact centre will automatically lose their place at the centre.
  3. Aggressive and intimidating conduct towards staff will not be tolerated and may lead to place being withdrawn.
  4. Any person arriving at the centre under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately and will lose their place.
  5. Smoking is not permitted inside the grounds of the centre.
  6. You must not access any other part of the building apart from the waiting room and the toilet if you are the person escorting the children.
  7. If you do not attend 2 contact sessions without informing the contact centre of a valid reason, your place will be allocated to another family.
  8. Children are the responsibility of parents at all times. Staff are at hand to help if needed.
  9. If contact has been delayed for whatever reason, the session may still go ahead only for the remaining time left.
  10. Visitors must arrive 10 -15 minutes prior to the escorting person and child arriving. The visitor must stay behind 10 -15 minutes after the session has ended.
  11. Please switch off mobile phone during contact sessions. Videoing is not allowed on our premises.
  12. Please DO NOT bring any balloons, flying toys, toy guns etc while at our centre.
  13. Please note staff (at supported contact centres) do not write reports or comment on contact sessions unless we feel there is a safeguarding issue. Only dates and times of attendance will be given out upon request.
  14. Please do not ask your children to pass gifts or belongings, money or messages (either verbally or written) to your ex-partner.
  15. Supported contact is a temporary measure used to re-establish trusting relationships. You are expected to move on and make your own contact arrangements in the near future.
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