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Welcome to our first online newsletter. This is a bumper issue packed with lots of information for you. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed. Do let us know what you think and please do share as widely as you can, to your staff and volunteers, management committee and supporters. We want to spread the message far and wide…

As you may be aware we have recently shared the very sad news that NACCC’s founder Mary Lower has passed away. We will be remembering her legacy over the next few months and wish her family all the best at this time.

Be more outward looking – Get  your centre out there!

You may think that you have done this already, but if your publicity drive was a year or so ago personnel may have changed at your local courts and Cafcass, there are likely to be new parents in your community that need your services, posters may have been taken down from supermarket and doctors notice boards. Although it takes time it is worth building relationships with local referring agencies, MPs and courts so that they understand what you do and how you can help. It is difficult and from a national perspective each time there is a government reshuffle NACCC has to build a new relationship with the Minster in charge of services for families. This all takes time but is fruitful in the long run. NACCC is committed to raising awareness of the valuable work of child contact centres on a national basis (through the Accreditation Bill, our website, social media, #lostparents campaign), but what NACCC cannot do is work on a local level. This is where you can help.

Read about the successes and struggles that some centres are facing in raising awareness with local courts

Read about Littlehampton’s meeting with local MP Nick Gibb “At no point did we feel rushed or that we were taking up too much time. We left feeling it had been a very useful and productive meeting”

Read student volunteer Vicki’s experience publicising her centre to her university community

NACCC Safe Referral System: successful partnership and safeguarding children

Over 50 centres are using NACCC’s successful screening service – is this for you? You can join! Checkout the interview with hub worker Kelly.

Training update: modules, mental health first aid and training approach from Milton Keynes

Do you have a waiting list? No child should be prevented from seeing their parent by someone who has been using a centre for too long!

We are concerned if children are not able to make use of places at centres because of waiting lists. This article looks at the emotional impact of this and a way forward.

We have some great spotlight features this issue…

Grassroots centre Blackburn – raising awareness in Japan…

Outlook Contact Services helping parents work together “Hey – we’ve got two great kids here!”

A special space for older children at Jigsaw Streatham

Coffee shop

Check out the latest discussions in the coffee shop forum for members including:

  • 53. Drugs & alcohol policy?
  • 54. How many hours does your co-ordinator work?
  • 55. Induction process new co-ordinator
  • 56. Getting copy of court order
  • 57. Volunteer recruitment good news stories
  • 58. Taking photos in contact centres
  • 59. Do centres make a difference?
  • 60. Interpreter services

Campaign and policy update: catch up on all the latest news

Statistics update: checkout our review for 2016-17

Supporting the sustainability of centres

And finally, NACCC is keen to support its members in terms of sustainability. During the last few months accredited centres offering both supported and supervised contact have had the opportunities to apply for funding from Cafcass which is fantastic news. NACCC is also sending local funding opportunities to centres on a weekly basis that have been identified on NCVO’s Funding Central service. We would like to offer more support however and hope to develop a practical ‘toolkit’ helping centres to raise awareness in their community, with the courts, mediation, family lawyers etc. This is very much at the early stages so watch this space!

Are you a not for profit organisation and a member of NCVO? NCVO offers a range of benefits to not for profits including training, HR advice and their great ‘Funding central’ service. If your centre’s income is less than £30K then it is free to join. Why not join today! Find out more about NCVO and check out their article and podcast on volunteering trends.

NCVO article ‘How to help small charities make a bigger difference’

NCVO podcast ‘Do we need to make volunteering more flexible?

New ‘Sapphire’ 25 years long-service certificate for volunteers

It is both humbling and inspiring that some volunteers have been serving their local community for 25 years. We have therefore added a new long service certificate to mark this achievement to our range of certificates which are free on request. If you have volunteers who have reached the various milestones of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and now 25 years, do contact the NACCC office. Again, we hope that this newsletter is helpful. Do share it as widely as you can.

Elizabeth Coe, NACCC Chief Executive Officer

Views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the NACCC and publication does not imply endorsement. © NACCC 2017 (NACCC member centres exempt)

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