The Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB) are a group of over 50 children and young people aged between seven and 25 years old who live across England and Wales. All of their members have either had direct experience of the family justice system or have an interest in children’s rights and the family courts.

Members of the Board have shared their feedback about the finished stories and we thank them again for taking the time to share their thoughts with us:

 The Family Justice Young People's Board contributed to the planning of the children's story books by providing guidance from a child point of view and if there needs to be any improvements before they hand them to the contact centres for children to view and read them depending on their age. (continues in next slide)
"I contributed to this from an inclusive perspective because I have a cerebral palsy. It is extremely vital that every child can access this book whatever their needs are which should be put in place as they should be included in everything and not left out. The book should be adapted for their needs such as braille storybook for children who are blind, a sensory book for people who have sensory properties, children who are deaf you could do a speaking book. This has been fed back to NACCC" Member of the Family Justice Young People's Board
"Diversity was appropriately addressed as they used animals instead of people, this is a clever idea because they are not discriminating no-one. The designer included different animals so it was diverse. They included a child animal in a wheelchair and the inclusion part was covered" Member of the Family Justice Young People's Board
"I think the end result went really well as the people took on board what us children are saying. There was different ages on both storybook commissions" Member of the Family Justice Young People's Board
"They could do a fun interactive one so the child can have fun but also at the same time educate themselves about what is going to happen such as doing a jigsaw, completing it and it can speak to them. Or they could colour a picture in" Member of the Family Justice Young People's Board

NACCC would like to thank the Family Justice Young People’s Board for all their help and feedback during the development of our new stories. We really hope that they will help prepare children needing to use your child contact centre, explain about sharing their worries and concerns and to demystify the whole process for them.

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