We are delighted that members of the Family Justice Young People’s Board have been able to carry out reviews of accredited contact centres round the UK. Their suggestions and feedback bring crucial insights into how centres may appear from the perspective of children and young people. Last October Andrew and Olivia from the young people’s board and Lauren (FJYPB support officer) visited a number of centres in Wales, including Pontypridd Children’s Contact Service.

“Our first impression of the centre was really positive. Olivia, Andrew and I instantly felt very comfortable when we arrived and we were greeted by Dawn, who was lovely. The centre felt very warm, and Dawn explained they had had some babies visiting the centre in the morning, so they had put the heating on for them. We told Dawn about the ‘Meet the Team’ wall we’d seen at the previous centre, and she had mentioned that this is something she would like to add as a nice additional feature when you first enter the main door.”

“When speaking to other staff who were present during our visit, they thought our Top Tips were fantastic and they ask parents to read them when they are waiting. I have also sent some copies of our ‘In Our Shoes’ books to the centre as staff said they would really like to encourage anyone waiting during visits, to have a read of the books.”

“Our members thought all the rooms at the centre were so lovely and well maintained. We all especially liked the room which is aimed for older children and young people with the two armchairs in the room.”

“We commented that it felt like you were visiting your grandparents’ house and the room had this homely, comfortable feel about it. The rooms and the whole centre itself were so clean and tidy with very colourful walls, bunting and had a very fresh and bright feeling about it. All the rooms benefit from large windows allowing lots of light into all the rooms.”

“The FJYPB felt that the centre really valued the children and young people using their centre and they were open to any suggestions we had. We asked Dawn what her dream for the centre would be going forward and her reply was ‘to make it bigger to allow them to be able to see and support more families’ she showed us a room out the back of her office which she hoped they could one day occupy to allow this expansion to be more than a dream.”

Pontypridd Children’s Contact Centre has achieved our enhanced accreditation for supervised contact. They provide supervised contact on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and supported contact is offered fortnightly on Saturdays only. Find out more about Pontypridd Children’s Contact Centre.

The Family Justice Young People’s Board are a group of over 75 children and young people aged between seven and 25 years old who live across England and Wales. All of their members have either had direct experience of the family justice system or have an interest in children’s rights and the family courts. Find out more about the FJYPB.

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