Elizabeth Coe, NACCCs CEO is working to bring the need for accredited child contact centres to the attention of MPs nationally, and has started in the Nottingham area where the NACCC charity is based.  Elizabeth met with Chris Leslie MP for Nottingham East in July which went very well and Chris has agreed to help raise awareness within his contacts and with colleagues.  Elizabeth is due to meet with Alex Norris MP for Nottingham North and Vernon Coaker MP for the Gedling constituency in the next few weeks. She will also be meeting with Emma Lowell-Buck MP (Shadow Minister – Education, Children and Families) when Parliament resumes. 

Littlehampton MP raising awareness “I hope more separated families will be aware of this important service”

MP Nick Gibb with Littlehampton Team Leader Joan and volunteer co-ordinator Jackie

“It is wonderful that such an important service is available to families who have split up so children can keep in touch with their non-resident parent. And it’s wonderful that it’s free of charge and run by volunteers. I hope more separated families will be aware of the availability of this important service.”

This was MP Nick Gibb’s response on finding out about the service offered by Littlehampton CCC. Please read below about his meeting with Team leader Joan and volunteer co-ordinator Jackie.

“We invited our local MP Nick Gibb (MP for Bognor Regis & Littlehampton) to our 10th anniversary AGM and although his was not able to come he was interested in meeting to discuss our work. So one of our Team Leaders, Joan Crane, and I had a meeting with him after his constituency surgery in February. The meeting went very well indeed and lasted about 20 – 25 minutes. Mr. Gibb listened carefully to all we had to say and made detailed notes on his briefing sheet. He appeared genuinely interested, readily accepted the information I had brought for him and was happy to watch the NACCC #lostparents video. At his suggestion he had our photo which he said he would arrange to be submitted to the local paper as a way of raising awareness about LCCC.  At no point did we feel rushed or that we were taking up too much time. We left feeling it had been a very useful and productive meeting.”
Jackie, Co-ordinator, Littlehampton Child Contact Centre

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