Statistical Review 2018–2019 

Thank you to all the accredited contact centres that have submitted returns every quarter this last year on the flow of referrals, the number of children and families using your centre, your volunteers, staff and availability. This is much appreciated and provides NACCC with valuable information with which to campaign on behalf of contact centres on a national level. Information that you have provided show that 17,495 children across the UK spent valuable time with a separated family member at a contact centre run by 3,331 volunteers and 1,276 members of staff. Without your centre these children may have lost touch with their parent (and the impact of this is explored in our Lostparents film). This is an amazing achievement and such an important contribution to the lives of these children and their families.

There were 313 accredited centres as at 1 April 2019 (2018= 329, 2017=343), with 171 providing supported contact only (2018=191, 2017=205), 15 providing supervised contact only (2018=14, 2017=24) and 127 providing both supervised and supported contact (2018=124, 2017=114).

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted returns.

Annual statistics for the period 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019

18% of referrals to supported contact centres are either rejected or are ‘no shows’

Figures from the 2018-19 figures indicate that overall 10% of referrals accepted by supported contact centres were classed as a ‘no-show’. In these cases, a place was offered, and the family were due to attend but didn’t show up. Overall 8% of referrals for supported contact were rejected – this would have been either at the application stage or following the pre-visit, probably due to the referral not being appropriate for supported contact or that the centre had a waiting list. The proportion of rejected or ‘no-shows’ to supervised centres are lower at 6% rejected and 5% ‘no-show’ overall (see chart below to show breakdown of referrals by type). See charts below to show breakdown of referrals by type.

Data source: Referrals accepted/rejected/no show 2018-19

(Data from NACCC accredited centre statistics return 1 April 2018-31 March 2019) 

96% response rate for quarter 1 2019

We had an excellent return for the first quarter of this year (1 April – 30 June) with a 96% return. This shows that nearly 50% of referrals to centres providing supported contact are self-referrals with nearly a quarter coming from a family solicitor. 1% of referrals are from family mediation. Supervised referrals are split more evenly between self-referrals, Cafcass, the local authority/children’s services and family solicitors.

Data source: NACCC accredited centre statistics data summary (for the period 1 April 2019 – 30 June 2019 only)

Prepared by Ruth Miles, Data & Media Officer

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