In case you missed it here’s Elizabeth Coe (NACCC’s CEO) and Phil Coleman (Service Development Manager) talking about child contact centre on the ‘Best Way to Divorce’ TV Show a week or so ago. They explain how NACCC’s accreditation is vital for ensuring that safe child contact takes place. Find out about the difference between supported and supervised contact and what a contact centre is like.

Elizabeth told Suzy about the importance of child contact centres in helping separated parents redevelop their relationship with their children:

Parents having contact with the child need to accept that they need to go at their child’s pace, they need to know that yes, they may not want to be at a contact centre but think about what the end game is. The end game is to ensure that they have a good relationship with their child, long term, and that needs to be built up following the separation of the parents…

Long term we always say – begin with the end in mind. The end is a long term good relationship with your child. You may be saying ‘this isn’t fair, that isn’t fair. Why should I have to go to a contact centre, why should I have to pay to do this or that?’ Actually… what is it you want? Do you want a good long term relationship with your child? Because that might mean you have to build up to that and yes it might feel unfair at the moment but just think about what the end game is…”

Elizabeth Coe, NACCC CEO

Thanks to Suzy for having us on the show, we really hope the information will be helpful to people.

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