NACCC would like to welcome Celine Antoine, Anna Massoz-Fouillen and Aline Deflandre (from Trimurti). They have brought their mobile contact centre all the way from Belgium and delegates at NACCC’s conference tomorrow will get the opportunity to look round the mobile centre.

The mobile contact centre includes two play areas for different age groups, its own toilet and baby changing facility as well as space for staff to observe contact and a kitchen.

The Trimurti Mobile work philosophy is a dynamic and co-constructive “parent and child relationships” view. The aim of their intervention is to help to create or restore the relationship between a child and his relative. The service provides supported and supervised contact.

The mobile contact centre travels the roads of Wallonia, starting with the Judicial district of Huy, in order to meet families living in geographically remote areas.  The service is of particular help to families with mobility difficulties (e.g. if they have no personal vehicle, live in areas underserved by public transportation or have a permanent or temporary physical disability…).

If you’re coming tomorrow – you’ll be able to find out more and get a guided tour!

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