Rare Day is making a landmark Channel 4 series about growing up in Britain today. “Each of the five films in the series will be about a young person (or number of young people) overcoming challenges or going through a transition in their lives. We want the films to be inspiring, featuring people who are thoughtful, engaging and resilient.
As something that affects a large percentage of young people in the UK today, we feel it’s really important to include a film about parental divorce or separation from their perspective in the series.  To make this possible we would really appreciate speaking to parents and their children (aged 12-25) as part of our research to help us shape this film.

We hope this will be a helpful documentary that’s not only of use to viewers, but also empowers the young people we eventually film, allowing them to tell their stories in their own words in short interviews. The documentaries in this series are ultimately positive in tone and show resilient young people making sense of their family situations and thinking about their hopes and dreams for their own future.

We’re a BAFTA award winning team who have experience of working sensitively with young people and their families. The welfare of the young people we work with is the most important factor at all times.

If you think you might be able to help with this project, please contact assistant producer Ayesha Tariq for more information onayesha@rareday.co.uk / 0207 729 8699.  At this early stage, we would very much appreciate your time to hear about your experiences.  There’s absolutely no obligation for anyone we speak to as part of our confidential research to be involved in any filming.”

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