The Welsh Government has announced a “Fire Breaker Lockdown” relating to the whole of Wales. This will be for a time limited period in order to reduce the infection rates within the Welsh Border.

Centres are therefore, advised to keep up to date with advice from the Welsh Government as well as any complimentary advice within specific local authority areas. This information should then be used to assess the risks to specific contact centres.

The most current advice for people in the Wales area is available here. As with any advice of this nature, it could be subject to change at any time and therefore it is advised that this is regularly reviewed.

Within the link above, there is a specific reference to the fact that child contact arrangements are currently able to continue and that children should be able to see both parents. Again, this might change at some point so please do continue to review this.

With this in mind, it is therefore acceptable for people to travel to and from contact centres in Wales for the purposes of child contact, which would include the travel in and out of Wales for this purpose from other areas of the UK. Although, centres are encouraged to consider the appropriateness of this on an individual basis.

Centres are encouraged to continue making individual assessments about measures and precautions needed at contact centres that are consistent with Welsh and local Government Guidance. Such assessments would not only include information about the centre, but also considerations around Facemasks, Social Distancing, PPE, Hygiene and people traveling to the centre.

This document is subject to change, please continue to check the NACCC Website for updates.

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