stakeholder engagement campaign is planned to get the work of NACCC in front of the people that matter including potential funding organisations and partners. This will focus on the effects of conflict and lack of contact on children’s mental health and will explain how child contact centres can help children and parents following separation. We are hoping that the stakeholder engagement campaign will be ready to launch in the next few months.

NACCC has been able to boost its social media work and soon, with the launch of improved social media assets will make its digital output more effective, reaching more organisations, parents and family members. It will also result in a ‘social media toolkit’ which will be shared with you as member child contact centres with template infographics, quote cards and basic animations for you to share on your social media networks. This will include instructions on how to share the content and could be useful in helping you raise awareness of the vital service you provide in your area and online.

Campaign Collective have been working with NACCC to bring a short-term boost to NACCC and child contact centres in the media. They have created ‘bylines’ to give a focus in the media on key issues setting out the vital work of child contact centres and the need for funding to ensure future sustainability. The bylines are focusing on the new divorce reform law, the challenges faced by separated parents and use of ‘out of court pathways’ (raising awareness that rather than rely on the courts, parents can use mediation, child contact centres and parenting plans to resolve contact arrangements following separation). We hope that this will help reduce the number of cases going through court. This work has resulted in an articles in The Times quoting NACCC’s President Sir James Munby: “Divorce reform means parenting doesn’t end when relationships do”. Other articles are in the pipeline and should be published in October. Campaign Collective have briefed advice givers and agony aunts in the media resulting in an article by Tanya Byron of The Times  “Our son has never seen his baby daughter”  and The Sun’s ‘Dear Deidre “CLOSE CONTACT My ex visits our daughter not to spend time with her but to have sex with me”

Elizabeth Coe, NACCC’s CEO was invited to be part of the a special BBC Victoria Derbyshire Family Court feature back in May. Campaign Collective supported her in this role and followed up with the media with an agreed quote to raise awareness of NACCC and child contact centres. They also helped promote a press release regarding NACCC’s Postcode Trust funding success 

The objectives listed above will be underpinned by key ‘messages’ which can be viewed on the Members’ News page.  This is a very exciting project and we will continue to share updates on the campaign as soon as we can.

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