You can encourage your child to look at the stories on our website in the children and young people section. It may be helpful for them to visit the website of the centre that you might be attending.

Childline provide a free and confidential service to children who are worried. Often because they are strangers without emotional involvement, they are amazingly well placed to help children develop a sense of perspective and overcome some of the anxieties they may have. Let your child know, its ok to talk to Childline.

My Hidden Chimp is an educational book for children to work through with an adult or by themselves. The book offers parents, teachers and carers some ideas and thoughts on how to help children to develop healthy habits for life. The science behind the habits is discussed in a practical way with exercises and activities. The neuroscience of the mind is simplified for the children to understand and then use to their advantage. Cost: about £7

There are lots of books for children and young people covering separation and divorce available on Amazon and other book shops. For example:

Questions and Feelings About: When parents separate

Dinosaurs Divorce

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