We are a membership body for around 300 child contact centres and services located throughout England (including the Channel Isles), Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the largest child contact accreditation body in Europe. We oversee nearly 3,000 volunteers and 1,500 staff. Our mission remains that parenting shouldn’t end when relationships do.

We were set up to in 1991 to keep children in touch with parents following divorce and separation.

Accredit child contact centres help parents and children in five main ways:

  • Provide a safe, neutral, welcoming space for children to spend time with parents (or other people important to them).
  • Support parents to help them prioritise the needs of their children post separation.
  • Promote mediation so that long-term solutions can be found to keep children in touch with both parents.
  • Offer resources, information and advice for families dealing with separation.
  • Provide specialist supervised interventions where children may be exposed to a higher level of risk.

We also provide the following services;

  • As part of our accreditation services, we have also delivered training sessions for approximately 300 judges and 1,300 volunteers undertook 10 training modules over the last year.
  • We run an AGM and conference which provides updates and training for all our members.
  • We have a national information Line for parents and carers and a members’ information line.
  • We also have a safe referral online system and hub support programme.
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