“Mary’s legacy is very important to an organisation that keeps children in contact with parents who are separated…We know the damaging effects of children not having parents in their life. The government spends around £7m on family and relationship support, but it costs the country billions.” Elizabeth Coe, NACCC CEO 

NACCC was approached by the Guardian recently wanting to revisit one of its early Charity Award winners. Mary Lower (NACCC’s President and then NACCC Chair) was awarded one of the first of The Guardian’s Charity Awards on behalf of NACCC back in 1994. The award looked for inspiration and innovation and aimed to recognise the achievement of individuals in helping establish and build small or medium social welfare charities. Mary had been the driving force in setting up NACCC a few years earlier and by this time there were 114 voluntary run child contact centres that had been set up following Mary’s model. Virginia Bottomley, Health Minister said “I know that [Mary’s work] is something which is a priceless contribution… Mary Lower is somebody who is going out and doing something. It is a small candle from which a great deal of light and good can develop”.

Please see article in today’s Guardian featuring an interview with Elizabeth Coe and furthering NACCC’s campaign for recognition and support for NACCC’s work and the need for accredited child contact centres.  

Guardian article Wednesday 6th July 2016

NACCC has an article in its archive regarding Mary’s award in 1994. To download the article please click on the Adobe Reader icon below. If you do not have the correct software installed then you can download free viewers. ( PDF Reader )

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