We have recently been introduced to Restitute and their amazing work supporting the people who care for the loved ones of survivors of sexual or violent crime.

Recently our CEO and Service Development Manager met with Cath Pickles, CEO of Restitute. The meeting took place on Teams and was an opportunity to learn more about this inspiring organisation.

When we think of Sexual Abuse, we often think about the impact of this on the people who were the victims of this traumatising offence. We don’t always think about how this impacts the loved ones of the Victim.

However, it is essential, because the loved ones need to come to terms with their own trauma. Being able to process their own feelings and emotions is essential for their own well-being, but even more so to provide the victim of this crime with the support that they need to come to terms with what has happened and to take the steps that may be required moving forward.

Future steps can sometimes include things like giving evidence to the police, courts, or sometimes even social services. This is not only a minefield in terms of the processes involved but all too often it can re-traumatise the people affected by this abuse.

The work of Cath and her team enables those 3rd parties, who might include parents or other family members to have a safe and confidential place to talk about what is happening to them and to seek both physical and emotional support, not only in terms of what has happened but also in terms of what is to happen in the future.

Cath (Restitute’s CEO) explains why they are needed:

Restitute is a lived experience organisation, designed, managed and run by people who care for those who have survived sexual abuse. The need for our service – providing an independent, safe place for parents and carers to deal with the anxieties and trauma they face as well as their loved ones and other family members – is vital if survivors are to recover and thrive along with the people who care about them most. Creating and leading Restitute is both emotionally demanding but equally seeing families and carers transform from absolute devastation to moving towards a hopeful future, makes it all worthwhile.

In the coming weeks, Cath will be attending our Supported and Supervised Coffee Shop Live Sessions and we strongly encourage all members to attend this, so that you too can learn about their work, and how they might support the families using child contact sessions. The Coffee Shop Live is also available as recorded content for NACCC members unable to make physical meetings.

Find out more about their work https://restitute.org/

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