On the 6th of February Ian Hazel-Gant of York met Philip Coleman, Service Development Manager from NACCC to make a very generous donation of £500.

This image shows Ian Hazel-Gant making his generous Donation of £500.00 to Philip Coleman, Service Development Manager from the National Association of Child Contact Centres, on 6th February 2023.

Prior to Covid, Mr Hazel-Gant used the York Child Contact Centre to see his son for Supported Contact.

Mr Hazel-Gant remembered how difficult it was for him initially, and about the uncertainty of what to expect on his first day at the centre. He recalled his initial trepidation about sharing the room where contact would happen with other families, in a similar position.

However, he also recalls the efforts that the volunteers put into alleviating this and helping him to understand how he was going to be supported in an impartial and non-judgemental way.

Mr Hazel-Gant spoke about the first time he had seen his son after 10 months apart, how special that moment was, and how everything else (the anxieties, the other families, and all his surroundings) disappeared into the background as he became entirely absorbed by spending time with his son.

The work of the volunteers at the centre, alongside the Separated Parents Information Course, enabled him to reframe his focus so that his son was always his first priority. The proceedings are now over, and Mr Hazel-Gant enjoys contact with his son in more natural surroundings, but his admiration for the volunteers that helped his family has no limits.

Mr Hazel-Gant recalled the service being a “short-term stepping stone”, in his life, but one that had been so influential in helping him to achieve the contact arrangements that are now in place.

As the current Master of the Rangoon & Ormond-Iles Lodge No.1268, Ian found himself in the unique position of being able to fulfil a promise to help services like the one he used. The Lodge which was formed over 150 years ago in Burma, is now based and meets in central London. With Charity at the core of freemasonry and in full agreement with the Lodge members, with their help, Ian was able to raise and donate £500 to help NACCC.

Ian made the donation knowing it will have a real impact and help NACCC to promote and send a positive message to parents that, “despite difficult relationships, by staying focused, meaningful contact can be developed and relationships with children strengthened and re-established”.

Sadly, the service used by Mr Hazel-Gant is not currently operating, and therefore his donation has been made to the National Association of Child Contact Centres, who will be sure to put this to the best possible use.

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